It’s all about quality content and plenty of it.

Whether you write your own content or hire someone else to do it, your content MUST be good. Period, end of story. Keep in mind that your goal is to engage your visitors with genuinely high quality content. Good content combined with high quality images will be what keeps them from clicking away in the first five seconds.

From Social Media Examiner’s 2014 report:

“More than half of marketers (58%) selected original written content as their most important content, followed by original visual assets (19%) and then original videos (12%).”

Make it meaty

What is your industry about? What do you offer? What’s special about it? What makes it different? Is there an opportunity to educate your visitor and establish yourself as an authority? The more details you offer and the more you give them, the better you do in search engines but most importantly the better it is for your visitor.

I find in working with clients that getting them to write content is about as much fun as herding cats in a rainstorm. If you’re not inclined to write plenty of solid content for your site, please consider hiring me or someone else to do it. Your website should be much more than a digital business card. It should be a resource and sales tool, establishing you in your customer’s mind as an expert on what you do and how you will benefit them if they use you, buy from you or sign up for whatever it is you’re offering.

Find your voice

It’s really important that the content on your site reads as coming from you. Hiring budget writers (especially from other countries) can backfire because they just don’t usually have the same conversational tone as you would with your readers. You want to be sure that your content reads as genuine and informative, and most of all that it’s coming from you. I typically ask my clients to provide the basic information then re-write it or edit it as needed with our search engine goals in mind. If a client wants me to create the content entirely, I work closely with them to make sure it’s really what they would say and how they would say it.