Why hire me?


All kinds of reasons. But the main reason you should hire me is because I truly care that you are happy with the end result and your online success.

  • I “get” it. Whatever “it” is for your industry, business or project, I engage deeply enough to be sure I “get” it.
  • I’m somewhat unusual in that I can handle all aspects of the project myself, from the design, development and content creation to search engine optimization and social media management. This keeps costs down for you as I don’t have to outsource big chunks of the project to other people. I will bring people from the team in where needed but in general I handle all aspects of the project. I am your only point of contact either way.
  • I stay current with technology and trends in all aspects of a project’s needs including design trends, code requirements for cross browser compatibility, security, search engine optimization best practices and the important social media channels ins and outs.
  • I produce websites only in WordPress these days for a lot of really good reasons, all of which benefit you. It allows me to leverage the platform’s rich offerings which would be cost prohibitive outside of the WordPress ecosystem.
  • It’s up to you. I can stay involved short or long term for maintenance, additions, updates, content provision, training and more or I can hand it off to you entirely upon completion.
  • I am efficient and reliable. We will sketch out a timeline together and you can rest assured it will be completed on time or better.
  • My goal is to delight you. Truly delight you.

Please tell me a bit about your project and I’ll be happy to give you an estimate. Please email me directly or request a quote.

Laura is the consummate professional in WordPress website development. She is highly talented, creative and experienced, and I’m delighted with her work. Laura was new to Guru when I chose her to create my WordPress site. So I had no reviews to go on, just basic gut instinct that she’d do a brilliant job. That instinct is proving absolutely correct and I’m really pleased to have found such an amazing developer / designer. If you need a WordPress site creating, grab Laura if you can!”
Helen Sewell

“I loved working with Laura. She stayed passionately dedicated to the project through the very last detail of completion. She has a fun and collaborative attitude, and is fully committed to her client’s satisfaction. Her instincts regarding layout and knowledge of web design are top notch.”
Russell Brown

I would like to praise the efforts Laura Arden put into updating an old and out of date web page inato a new site with a modern look in a more up to date software. Laura performed expertly and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only did she create the web site, she also traveled the four major Hawaii islands photographing the 46 resorts featured on our site. Our new site has doubled our inquiries and doubled our sales. Unexpectedly great results. Laura’s expertise and the ease of working with her were extraordinary.
Doug Lupton