Laura is the consummate professional in WordPress website development. She is highly talented, creative and experienced, and I’m delighted with her work. Laura was new to Guru when I chose her to create my WordPress site. So I had no reviews to go on, just basic gut instinct that she’d do a brilliant job. That instinct is proving absolutely correct and I’m really pleased to have found such an amazing developer / designer. If you need a WordPress site creating, grab Laura if you can!”

As my WordPress website development progresses I feel very lucky to have found Laura to work with. Laura knows her stuff inside out and is a technical whizz as well as a creative force. She works hard and is extremely reliable. She meets deadlines consistently and communicates clearly and openly. We live at opposite ends of the globe, but it’s been incredibly easy to work together and I’d recommend Laura to anyone from any country. What a find!”
Helen Sewell

“Kudos to Laura Arden of Raindance Media for bringing All Islands Timeshare Resales website to the next level and up to date standards.  Since working with Laura over the past several months, the traffic and inquiries to All Islands Timeshare Resales website has increased substantially bringing more inquiries, offers and sales.   The custom photography and level of design provided by Laura has enhanced our website also bringing more traffic.  I would recommend Laura’s professional services to anyone wishing to start a website or bring their current website up to the current and required internet requirements.”
Steven Ramey


“We’ve found in working with Laura that she is on top of the ball and reliably offers a super fast respons. She has a great eye for design and is really easy to work with through all of the various stages, from getting started to iterating to just keeping things running.”
Jonathan Driscoll

“I recently had Laura Arden develop a new web site for my tropical plant nursery. The new web site is very attractive and allows me to add and remove pictures and text quite easily although I have no formal computer training. Best of all, my business is up 25% since I got the new site. I am very grateful to Laura for her hard work and attention to detail in creating this stunning new web site.”
~Richard LaGory

“Laura is a talented and dedicated professional, and a joy to work with. She has been my web designer and consultant for over 9 years. She redesigned our website and performed search engine marketing. The website is beautiful, and her marketing is paying off more than I could imagine. I would highly recommend Laura and Raindance Media!”
~Lorraine McGorry

“I loved working with Laura. She stayed passionately dedicated to the project through the very last detail of completion. She has a fun and collaborative attitude, and is fully committed to her client’s satisfaction. Her instincts regarding layout and knowledge of web design are top notch.”
Russell Brown

“Raindance Media’s diverse web experience has helped Ghirardelli Square’s website in numerous ways, including web design and maintenance. For example, I needed to add a page that promotes the Square’s musician schedule and their team created a template that was easy to comprehend for the user from a rather complicated monthly schedule. Additionally, they handled the monthly schedule updates timely and correctly.

Throughout the years, brainstorming sessions with the Raindance Media team resulted in cost effective emailed newsletters that dramatically increased site hits and length of user sessions. And with their suggestion of adding a “Visitor Information” page, the Ghirardelli Square site is regularly picked up by several well known search engines, further increasing exposure and use of the site. Raindance Media’s creative ability paired with their vast knowledge of the web is a benefit to their clients.”
~Teri Stevens, Director of Marketing, Ghirardelli Square San Francisco

“Laura did a great job designing our website. She got it up and running very quickly and made any changes we needed promptly. She made terrific suggestions for features that we didn’t realize we needed. She was professional, flexible, and a delight to work with. Our site is a perfect fit for our business needs and we would hire her again to create a website in the future.”
~Jen R.

“I am so grateful to have had Laura Arden design and build my website! I am a licensed massage therapist and sole owner of my business “Well and Thriving”. Not only is my website beautiful but is is informative and easy to navigate. Laura’s extensive business knowledge and valuable skills at site engine optimization set her apart from the rest. My site is easy to find and makes marketing myself practically effortless. Laura has also always been quick to attend to any of my requests for additions or changes I have had which I greatly appreciate. She also has made brilliant suggestions that I would never have even thought of on my own. I highly recommend her and will continue to depend on her for all of my website needs.”
~Sherrylou Carrick, Licensed Massage Therapist, Sebastopol, CA

“Laura Arden created a wonderful site for my real estate business. I have often been complimented on how attractive the site is. It is also extremely functional in that it has many components that allow my clients to check other listings, calculate mortgage payments and more. It is easy to highly recommend Laura as a web designer.”
~Carol Neil

“Laura created our East Meets West conference site and a one page flier under a tight deadline, on time. She worked with us so we can make the changes we want to handle ourselves but stayed available to continue adding and making other changes as needed. She is responsive and reliable. It was great to work with someone knowledgeable who was able to jump in and make it happen. We would certainly use Raindance Media again for future web and graphic design needs.”
Chenoa Farnsworth,




“I would like to praise the efforts Laura Arden put into updating an old and out of date web page inato a new site with a modern look in a more up to date software. Laura performed expertly and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only did she create the web site, she also traveled the four major Hawaii islands photographing the 46 resorts featured on our site. Our new site has doubled our inquiries and doubled our sales. Unexpectedly great results. Laura’s expertise and the ease of working with her were extraordinary. ”
Doug Lupton

“Raindance Media’s is fantastic to work with…..they take my ideas and transform them making my website informative and extremely easy to navigate. They are constantly suggesting new ideas and are willing to search out ways to make the site better. If they are uncertain how to do something…..they quickly researches the issue and have an answer for it. I can’t say enough. It’s been a pleasure….”
~Robert J. Kriegel, Ph.D., Speaker, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Laura was a pleasure to work with. She gave our company a classy new image and got us visible in the search engines to pick up new business in San Francisco. I would highly recommend her services to any kind of business.”
~Alan McCarthy, AMAC Electrical, San Francisco

 “I would strongly recommend Raindance Media for web design and web site consulting. They were extremely competent in their field and very attentive and diligent in their work. They made the web design process very user friendly. They registered our website on all the search engines we requested. I also appreciate that they continue to monitor our site even after the set up process has been completed. We used a large design company in the past and the Raindance Media’s level of service far exceeded that of the other company as well as my expectations.”
~Douglas Rishwain, Partner, Rishwain Law Firm