Site Details: is a highly curated hotel website with 450 unique searchable amenities, a weather feature and more.

  • Database of 120,000 hotels
  • Content management system
  • Contact management system
  • Feature and highlighted articles
  • Search engine for front end user to find hotels based on 400 unique criteria
  • Admin interface to control data and interaction with hotels
  • Hotelier administration system allowing hotels to log in and create profiles and manage their data and photos

“Juicy Hotels has been my passionate project for the past several years. I’ve been refining the business model, improving the features and steadily building my database of unique property amenities and features. It’s given me a reason to travel around the world visiting special hotels to write about them and evaluate them for inclusion on the site. It has been and continues to be an incredibly satisfying and constantly evolving project.”
Laura Arden