An expert website audit reveals how to improve your existing site or help decide if it’s time to start over.

Web Site Audits - How To Improve Your Site

Business often ask me to look at their site and tell them what I think of it. I’ve found that there is a huge gap for many website owners where they know it’s not as good as it could be but aren’t sure what to do about it. Hire someone to re-do from scratch? Find someone to fix it up? We know lipstick on a pig doesn’t solve the problem, but often there are adjustments which can be made that don’t require a total overhaul.

Is your site performing at the level it should be? Could it be better? Perhaps the colors need to be tweaked for better impact or the content re-written. How does it look on mobile devices? Have you studied your Google Analytics and visual maps of where people are clicking the most? Are they clicking on the content or call to action you want them to? Are you getting the response you expect?

These are all questions directly relevant to your bottom line and your reputation. If you have an outdated site, you look outdated. If it’s just not performing the way you want it to, there may be some simple steps you can take to boost response.

I offer a comprehensive site audit which will give you a road map to make informed decisions. You will end up with a bullet list of action items you can give to your designer to implement, or, hire me to implement them for you. I’ve been designing websites for 16 years. I’ve seen it all. What works, what doesn’t work and how to fix it. I’ve also been a graphic designer for 30+ years. I have a good eye for color and design and can guide you to improve the look and feel for a better overall user experience.

You may or may not need a new site but having a fresh pair of expert eyes to evaluate your site can give you crucial intelligence about how your site is performing and how it could be better.  It may not be as big of a project as you fear. Contact me today to learn more and sign up for an expert site audit.