Laura Arden

Laura Arden
Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, Photography, Writing and SEO Services

I’m based in Honolulu and San Francisco. I serve clients around the world. My services include:

  • Web development and design & from basic sites to complex projects. My team and I can handle just about anything but we are currently focused on WordPress sites.
  • Graphic design including logos, business cards, stationary and anything else you can dream up a need for.
  • Photography including events, people, aerial, products, real estate, vacation rentals and the world at large.
  • Custom content creation such as blog articles, travel guides, personalized cook books and more.
  • Travel writing including hotel, spa and dining reviews.
  • Travel photography.
  • E-commerce sites for fun and profit.

In my former lives I was an attorney, residential and commercial real estate broker and travel agent. I always come back to my love of the visual arts. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and have been playing with graphic design and photography since I was in high school. It’s where my heart has always been.

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